Leading the way in gut health

Our patented technology means that we are the only UK fibre blend that takes gut microbiome variability into account.

We’d grown tired of generic supplements and fibres that lacked proper science and hadn’t been medically researched. From microbiome sequencing to analytical chemistry to machine learning. We use the latest science and technology, from our lab in Switzerland, to look at the benefits of a healthy, balanced gut microbiome. And we never stop exploring.

We’ve created a unique set of fibre blends that have potent anti-inflammatory effects. In fact, our own research shows that different people produce different quantities of SCFAs from the same fibre.

These findings are at the core of our fibre blends. We've tested hundreds of different fibres in-house to find blends that all kinds of gut microbiomes can ferment. Reducing the risk of developing chronic disease and helping your gut for good. In fact, we’re currently partnering with the NHS in clinical trials on IBS and Type-2 diabetes.


See what just 4 weeks of myota can do


of people had more regular bowel movements


of people felt less bloated


more than 60% of people noticed an improvement in mood and mental wellbeing

Our research shows that myota fibre reduces blood sugar spikes.

28% reduction in blood sugar levels when taking myota with a meal

Stabilises your energy levels and keeps you feeling fuller for longer by reducing blood sugars

The science behind the benefits

Fibre and regulating chronic inflammation

The SCFA butyrate has been singled out for its key role in reducing inflammation, most notably in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Read more about butyrate, its anti-inflammatory effects and the research into it.

Fibre for a healthy metabolism

Thought to be an important tool in the prevention, and even the reversal, of Type 2 diabetes. Fibre can reduce glucose spikes after a meal and lower cholesterol levels, a key risk factor in heart disease. Studies have also shown that an increase in butyrate has been linked to glucose control and insulin sensitivity. Read more about this study.

Mental well-being and fibre

We’re already aware of the strong link between our gut and our brain. Like rushing to the bathroom when we’re stressed. Now, microbial SCFAs have been linked to improved mental well-being. From how we manage anxiety, stress and depression to how our brains age as we age. Find out more about those studies.

Our scientific team

myota is founded by a team of scientists who have spent over 10 years conducting groundbreaking research into the gut microbiome

Dr Thomas Gurry, PhD

Dr Thomas Gurry, PhD


PhD in Computational and Systems Biology from MIT

Postdoctoral researcher at the MIT Center for Microbiome Informatics and Therapeutics

Active researcher on fibre fermentation by the gut microbiome

Dr Caitlin Hall, APD, PhD

Dr Caitlin Hall, APD, PhD

Chief Dietitian and Head of Clinical Research

PhD in gut microbiology and neurosciences at the University of Queensland, AU

Accredited Practising Dietitian (BENS, MSc Dietetics)

BDA Gastroenterology Specialist Group