Top tips every gut expert is talking about

The top tip every gut health expert is talking about

For years, we’ve been told to eat 5 portions of veg each day. But more recently, gut health experts say we should aim for 30 plant foods a week instead. Read more to find out why.

Thalia Ignatoff
by Dr Caitlin Hall (APD, PhD)
Chief Dietitian and Head of Clinical Research

This latest advice comes from research by the American Gut Project. In this study, they found that people who ate more than 30 different plant-based foods each week had a more diverse gut microbiota compared with those who ate 10 plant foods or less.


Why do plant foods increase gut microbiota diversity?

Plant-based foods, including fruit, veg, grains, seeds, and nuts, are incredibly rich in different types of dietary fibre. Fibre is a type of carbohydrate that cannot be broken down (digested) by the human body. Instead, fibre travels to the large intestine where it fuels and nourishes our gut bacteria. Fibre is our gut bacteria’s favourite food!

Like humans, our gut bacteria have different food preferences and appetites. While one bacteria might prefer to break-down fibre from beans, another might prefer the fibre that comes from an apple. By consuming a diversity of different plant foods (30+ a week), we can make sure that all of our gut bacteria are getting the right types of fibre they need.


What’s the benefit of fuelling our gut microbiota?

When our gut bacteria break-down and ferment fibre, they produce something called short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs, for short). SCFAs are important anti-inflammatory substances that help to:

💪  Promote a strong and healthy gut lining

🥬  Enhance nutrient absorption

🦠  Prevent harmful pathogens from entering the bloodstream

❤️  Improve insulin sensitivity

🔥  Reduce inflammation in the gut and whole body

😌  Promote serotonin synthesis (an important brain neurotransmitter associated with anxiety and depression)

🧠  Communicate directly with the vagal nerve (the gut-brain axis)

💜  Reduce risk of colon cancer

In this same study, people who ate 30 different plant foods had greater abundances of gut bacteria that produce SCFAs.


myota’s plant-based fibre mixes

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Our diverse fibre blends are extracted from a variety of fruits, grains, and vegetables, and have been tested individually for their ability to produce SCFAs in the gut microbiomes of different people.

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